By slider and button

You now control your lamp directly from your smartphone. But our app is much more than just a high-end remote control.

The Lupine Light Control App of the SL AX is available for Apple and Android

For your smartphone

Setting the light levels

Power or runtime - With the new app for your SL AX you set the high beam and low beam as you feel it right. Especially: The high beam can be adapted to the needs of narrow trails via trail mode.

Battery warning, sensors and more

The battery warning message comes too early? The sensor is too sensitive? Or do you want to control your SL AX completely manually without sensors? That and more you will find in the settings options of the Lupine Light Control.


Not every evening is like the next - create multiple profiles with different settings to play them on your lamp in no time.


Our SmartCore batteries already have a capacity indicator - but if you want to be a little more precise, you can specify your battery incl. charge level in the app and read the expected battery life incl. the currently selected light level.

and smartwatch


With the standalone app for your Applewatch, you can do without your phone and still use the most important functions of the Lupine Light Control.


You choose between preset profiles and play them directly on the lamp.


You choose your battery and charge level, your smartwatch always shows you how long your lamp will last at the current light level.

Remote control

The app for your smartwatch includes a perfect mirror of your remote control. So you can control your SL AX even if your remote is empty or lost.