The new Maximum

The new Lupine Alpha is nothing less than the most powerful bicycle lamp for racing we've ever built. A full 7200 lumens, perfect illumination and an enormous range of up to 840 meters make your bike the ultimate nighttime racing machine.

Alpha HelmetlightAlphaAlpha Helmetlight
Runtime 70 W / 8100 Lumens1:20 Hour
Runtime 50 W / 5500 Lumens2 Hours
Runtime 30 W / 4000 Lumens3:15 Hours
Runtime 10 W / 1500 Lumens10 Hours
Runtime 5 W / 800 Lumens20 Hours
Ladezeit4 : 30h
Alpha battery 6.9 AhHardcase & SmartCore BatteryAlpha battery 6.9 Ah
MaterialCasing polyamide, layer polyurethane
Akku 7.2V13.2Ah
Watt Stunden95Wh
Abmessungen (LxBxH)143 x 41 x 41mm
Empfohlen fürAlpha
SchutzklasseIP 68 (waterproofness), IK 09 (impact strength)
ZellentypLG MJ1186150
Smartcore TechnolgieAdvanced battery management
Kapazitätsanzeige10% steps via 5 Hyper Red LEDs
Balancing FunktionCV (constant voltage)
Akustisches Signal60dB
Microprozessor14-Bit RISC
PCBReversible cuttoff at short circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage
Bluetooth TechnologieBluetooth 4.0
Bluetooth Fernbedienung2 buttons
MaterialCNC-machined, Aluminium 6061-T6, Shot-peened, Hard-anodized
Abmessungen (LxBxH)77 x 55 x 42mm
SchutzklasseIP 68 (waterproofness), IK 09 (impact strength)
Leuchtmittel8x Cree XM-L3, 8x Cree XQ-E HI
LED-PlatineCopper: Directbonding Thermalpad / Copperboard
Farbtemperatur6000K (5% tolerance)
Microprozessor14-Bit RISC
Taktung Wandler50KHz
LeiterbahnstrukturFine Pitch smaller 0.2 mm
Umgebungstemperatur-25° C to +70° C
LED AnzeigeRGB LED Bar
Spannungsanzeigeby RGB LED
Reservetankdepending on battery and type of use
Kerzenlicht Funktion0.3W