Which lamps have Bluetooth?

All lamps with an "R" in the name are delivered with a radio transmitter. In addition, the Light Control app for iOS and Android operating systems allows convenient programming and retrieval of other status information of the lamp.

Which lamp models are Bluetooth convertible?

Important: Bluetooth can not be upgraded. The only exception is the current model of Wilma. This lamp has a Bluetooth receiver built in. It can be operated using the app and subsequently supplied with a radio transmitter.

My Bluetooth transmitter light becomes dimmed?

With declining battery power of the transmitter, the lighting gets weaker until the remote control stops working.

The lamp does not respond to the Bluetooth transmitter?

The lamp head and transmitter are not properly connected. Repeat the binding process and take a look at the manual of the lamp head (chapter radio transmitter).

The lamp does not respond to the Bluetooth transmitter and the transmitter does not light up?

Most likely, the transmitter battery is empty or the button battery inside the transmitter is inserted incorrectly. Check the battery and take a look at the manual of the lamp head (chapter radio transmitter / battery change).

The lamp suddenly can no longer be controlled via bluetooth transmitter despite successful bond?

If the lamp head is connected to the battery and does not use the lamp for about 2 hours, the Bluetooth module is going to switch off automatically. After re-connecting the battery with your lamp or pressing the button on the lamp head, the Bluetooth module will be reactivated.