Are our lamps waterproof?

Yes, temporary submerging up to 2 m is no problem. All our lamps and battery packs significantly exceed the IP 68 industrial standard.

What do I do if my lamp needs to be repaired?

FAQs and our forum both did not help? Calling your dealer or our distributor did not solve the problem either?

Then please return the entire lamp set including the battery pack to your dealer. Also remember to include a brief description of the error and your telephone number and/or e-mail address.

And here is one last tip: often, apparent defects are nothing more than an old, used up battery pack. For determining the age, look at the battery label; it states year and quarter of production. If you have been using the battery for more than six years, you cannot expect full performance any more.

The glass of my Betty steams up in the center.

This is due to the "cold" light emitted by LEDs, which does not heat up the glass as much as you might expect it from e.g. halogen lamps. The mist is caused by the humidity of the air contained in the lamp; the lamp itself is watertight. The mist does not constitute any problem, it may, however, be reduced as follows:

Open the cover and leave the lamp switched on for some minutes to warm up. Screw the cover back on again as long as the lamp is still warm.

May I also operate the lamp without cooling wind?

All of our LED lamps: yes, without limitations. All our lamps are absolutely heat-proof. Caution! The enclosure will heat up and you may burn your fingers.

May I also use the small battery with a large lamp?

All Lupine lamps and batteries are compatible. However, in reality only a few combinations really make sense.

The capacity available decreases with a combination of high power consumption (Betty R high beam) and a small battery. The warning indicators will light up rather quickly if your lamp is permanently on high beam, reserve power will also be exhausted after a very short time. Energy-efficient use with a merely occasional activation of high beam is recommended in such case. The life of a small battery decreases if full power is required regularly and permanently.

How bright is our Piko/Wilma/Betty compared to the Edison/Nightmare/Passubio?

Piko is more than two times brighter than our Edison and 25 W NightMare.Yes, you got it right; the Piko - our smallest helmet lamp - provides more than twice the amount of light as the once renowned Edison. The development over the past 5 years was really tremendous. The Passubio's 16 W halogen burner was still considerably weaker with approximately 300 lumen.

BTL / PTL - My torch is shining only when the button is pressed ?

You are caught in the police mode. After 8 times of rapid keystrokes the lamp is shining when the trigger is pressed only. Simply press the button again 8x to disable.