Are our lamps waterproof?

Yes, temporary submerging up to 2 m is no problem. All our lamps and battery packs significantly exceed the IP 68 industrial standard.

What do I do if my lamp needs to be repaired?

The FAQs and a look at our forum didn't help? A call to Lupine did not solve the problem either? In this case, please send the complete lamp set including battery to us. Mandatory please attach the repair request form including phone number and / or email address. And another tip: often alleged defects are simply due to an old/used battery. If the battery has already been in use for more than 5 years, full performance can no longer be expected.Please note our battery exchange offer.

The glass of my Betty/SLX/SLF steams up in the center.

This is due to the "cold" light emitted by LEDs, which does not heat up the glass as much as you might expect it from e.g. halogen lamps. The mist is caused by the humidity of the air contained in the lamp; the lamp itself is watertight. A little fogging is not a problem at all and doesn´t affect the lighting quality at all.

May I also operate the lamp without cooling wind?

The following applies to all our lamps: Yes, without restrictions. All our headlights are absolutely heat resistant. But be careful: The housing gets hot! The lamp and the electronics are not harmed in the slightest, the regulation prevents thermal stress for all components reliably and under all circumstances.

May I also use the small battery with a large lamp?

All Lupine lamps and batteries are compatible. In practice, however, not all combinations are really useful. For example, a 2.0 Ah battery will not last long on a Betty at high beam.

The capacity of a battery decreases with the combination of high power consumption (Betty high beam) and small battery. The warning indicators will light up quite quickly one after the other in the case of rigorous continuous use of the high beam, and the reserve tank will also only be available for a very short time. In such a case, energy-efficient use with only occasional high beam would be advised. The life of the small battery suffers sensitively with regular, continuous use, especially in conjunction with the Betty. Due to the very high power consumption with high beam, only the newer, high-current SmartCore batteries are suitable without restrictions.

BTL / PTL - My torch is shining only when the button is pressed ?

You got into police mode. After pressing the button 8 times quickly, the flashlight will only light when the button is held down. To deactivate, simply press the button again 8 times in succession.