May I also mount my Lupine flashlight to a handlebar?

Yes, there are several mounts available for our Piko TL. With our toolfree holder, your are able to mount your PTL on nearly every common handlebar.

Please note there is no handlebar mount available for our Betty TL2.

What do I have to do to use the Piko as a headlamp?

Unscrew the locking screws on both sides and mount the lamp to the identical mounting unit on the Piko headband. Then tighten the screws hand-tight.

Can I attach the Piko to my old Wilma or Betty headband?

No, for the Piko you will need the dedicated Piko headband.

What is the difference between the HD and the normal headband?

The HD headband was developed in particular for heavily active users. Usually, our normal blue headband provides for sufficient stability for running. However, if you are into cross-country running and need to jump creeks and ditches from time to time, the HD headband offers additional stability.

Can all Lupine lamps be mounted either to the headband or the helmet mount?

With exception of our flashlights, there are helmet or headbands available for all our lights.